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Sunday, January 22, 2017


In the middle of the night I had to get up to answer Mother Nature's call (I've learned to never put her on hold).  I got back into bed and BOOM! along with a bright flash of lightning.  The thunder was so loud I think the whole house shook.  My bed did.  And that was it!  Just that one flash and boom.  Then rain for about 10 minutes, maybe.  It could have rained longer, I fell asleep.  Happily the power didn't go out.  We're supposed to get more of the same later today.  Like maybe just in time for the Atlanta/Green Bay game.  I'll be nice and dry and busy sewing, won't be watching 'cause I could care less (although it would be cool if Atlanta played in the Super Bowl which I won't watch either).  I used to watch but nowadays there's too many commercials and too much talking.  Same with baseball.  The last baseball game I watched was the Dodgers and Yankees in the World Series back in the 50's.  Again, too many commercials and yackety- yak.
Okay on to knitting and sewing on the wet day.  Y'all behave and enjoy the game.  And remember:  it's only a GAME!!


HermitJim said...

I don't really care for sports of any kind, certainly not enough to watch them on television. I really seldom watch the television anymore.

Reading has become my newest worse habit, I'm afraid.

Momlady said...

There could be worse habits. I love to read, along with knitting sewing, etc. lol. At least it keeps me out of trouble.