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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Cleaning house

I have a house guest coming on Monday.  She will be presenting a talk and workshop at my quilt guild.  Therefore, I must clean my house.  It isn't too bad anyway, mind you, but could do with some dusting and vacuuming.  So the next couple of days will see me doing just that.  I'm only going to worry about the downstairs.  The upstairs is for the grandchildren, cats and my room (which IS a disaster). I might straighten the loft up a bit.  That will certainly confuse the cats.  Happily my guest likes cats and, when asked about food likes and dislikes, stated she's like Mikey except for a couple of things, things I don't like either so no worries there.
I'm hoping the blueberries last while she is here.  I've been picking them every morning and it looks like they may be gone by next week.  I'm keeping some in the fridge just in case.  I'm also going to ask my neighbor if he'd mind if I come over there and pick.  He has lots and LOTS of blueberries.  Once mine are gone I'll be cutting the bushes back in hopes that the bush out instead of up.  I know they are happy where they are (the drip line from the roof).
Y'all have a really, really, REALLY good day.
P.S.  I will be SO happy when the special election here is over.  The ads are nothing but mud slinging and I'm sick of it.  No matter which one the 6th district gets it's a losing situation.  And I'm sick of all the negative stuff coming out of DC.  Never have I seen so much attempted destruction of a president.    Glad I'm not just growing up in these times.


HermitJim said...

I hope you and your visitor have a good visit, and that the blueberries hold out! I wouldn't worry too much about the cleaning, just consider it that "lived in look."

Momlady said...

It definitely has that. Glad you came by, HJ.

Hermit's Baby Sis said...

Just returned from taking my stepdaughter to the airport. She called about 10 days ago and said she Father's Day, and said she was coming, alone, for a Father's Day visit. She lives in Oklahoma. Had a great visit, but it built a fire under me to get my guest room finished that I had been planning for several years. Painted, hung pictures, decorated a bit. Until now it's just been a sleepover room for the 6 year-old grandson, who didn't notice it needed a spruce-up.
Glad the step came, for more reasons than one. Enjoy your visit, and have a few berries with me in mind!

Momlady said...

Hey, Baby Sis...sometimes that's all it takes to get the ire going, isn't it? Thanks or stopping by. Have a great day.