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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Maybe, maybe not

It used to be that if a breast tumor was 1.75cm it was automatic chemo.  Mine was 2.5cm.  Nowadays, though, the tumor's "DNA" is looked at.  So, even though the perimeter around the tumor was "clean" there's still a possibility of chemo.  Will find out maybe the 14th or 15th.
Yesterday I waded through the 6 page medical history sheets the oncologist's office wanted filled out.
Had to type up a couple of sections on a separate piece of paper to attach since there wasn't enough room on the form.  My age means I have a more extensive history I guess.  Only 4 lines for medications (and supplements).  Really?!  Even had to root through some medical records I happened to save from oh so many years ago just to get dates of surgeries!  Added those to the separate page.  Some I couldn't remember the dates of.  If they really want to know they'll have to contact the Dr. who did them.
Will meet with Radiation specialist on the 13th.  He's located not far from where I live.  Hopefully daughter can go with as she has with all my other appointments.  If she can't a friend said she will go with.  From what I understand from someone who has gone through it the only side effect she experienced was fatigue.  I think I can deal with that.
There are so many unknowns it can be depressing.  And the lousy gray, wet weather we've had doesn't help.  Hoping for a better attitude so I can get something accomplished.  I'm thinking of maybe starting the bicycle basket for my granddaughter.  I made one for my daughter and grandson.  This will probably be my last basket as my hands are beginning to give in to arthritis.  Plus I have lots of sewing projects to finish.


Hermit's Baby Sis said...

Sorry I missed the updates until now, but please know I am with you and K in thought. Thankful it wasn't worse, but sorry for what you're having to face.

Heads(and arms) up, and positive thoughts all the way ~

HermitJim said...

As always, I am sending the most positive thoughts I can in your direction. I really am hoping for the best.

Tatersmama said...

I'm so sorry for what you're going through right now, and you're right... this dismal wet weather doesn't make anything any easier. I'm keeping you lifted high in prayer, and I'll pray for sunny days for all of us...

Momlady said...

Thank you Baby Sis. Positive thoughts are always welcome.
HJ I know you're with me.
Tatersmama Thank you. And the sun shines today!