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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Wither the weather

It's cold this morning...in the 20's,  then it's going to go up to the mid to high 50's.  Did the same thing yesterday.  I call it pneumonia weather.  You don't know how to dress for going out.  These days I layer.  For the most part, however, if I don't have to go anywhere I don't.  I especially stay away from places like Walmart unless I absolutely need something I can't get anywhere else.
I had a great trip in January.  Australia and New Zealand.  It's summer there.  I'd go back to New Zealand in a heartbeat given the chance.  A beautiful country and really nice people.  Where else can you find people volunteering all over a city to give directions to tourists?  Australia was nice as well and so were the people.  Went to Uluru (Ayers Rock) and boy, was it hot!  More resorts now than when I first went, which is understandable but disappointing.  While in Sydney I wanted to do the bridge climb but  wasn't allowed because of my age.  I was told I needed a certificate of fitness from my doctor.  Well, that wasn't possible so......I climbed the bridge in Aukland!  So there.
Back to the weather....it's supposed to start with the rain again...sigh.  So depressing!  I'll be happy when the warmer weather comes along with the sun.
If you ever get the chance to go "Down Under" take it.  Also, New Zealand is welcoming those who wish to live and work there.

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