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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Stop the world I want to get off

It's been, what, 70  days now?  Unrest is increasing around the world and here, in America, the death of a black American has set off riots in numerous cities.  Unfortunately it isn't just white businesses that are being destroyed but black as well.  The fact that the riots are happening simultaneously has me wondering about what, or who,  may be behind it all.  Looting is common during these events.  And it isn't just blacks who are rioting, looting, burning.  Whites are right there in the middle of it all.
It doesn't matter that the police responsible for the death have been fired and the one who was kneeling of the poor man's neck will face murder charges.  For some, that isn't enough.  Destroying people's businesses (some started with a life's savings) and burning a police station, rioting in the streets (seems too organized to me) just adds to the belief that all blacks are bad.  Well, there were whites in there too. I believe ALL lives matter.  The pictures and stories in the news are all about the destruction and yet, there are those who are out there (black and white) attempting to clean up what was destroyed but you don't see that on the news.  News is now all about sensationalism not impartiality.  I fear for our future if this kind of thing continues.

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