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Sunday, May 3, 2020

It's getting old

I've gotten some sewing projects done.  Now I'm out in the yard getting some weeding done.  Every weed I pull has a politician's name attached.  I'd still like to know how this virus spread so quickly, especially to people who weren't socially out there (such as nursing homes).
I'm in the category that is supposed to stay "sheltered at home" until some time in June.  While I do want to stay "safe", it is irksome.  Thankfully I have property on which I can walk about.  And yes, I am getting things done that might have waited much longer.  However, just because I'm getting things done and trying to stay somewhat active, I'm still bored.  The only time I'm not is when my daughter comes up.  I do miss seeing my friends.  I'm not technically savvy so visiting via the internet is beyond me.  I tried to be a part of a knit group via ZOOM but that was a failure.  Thankfully I have music which does lift my spirits some , particularly Celtic music.
I'm getting tired of Facebook and all the incorrect panic inducing posts from people who don't check facts before they post so I may stay away except for the two games I play.  Needless to say I will be very happy when all this is over.

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