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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Beautiful day

It's another beautiful day. Wonder if it's going to get as warm as it did yesterday. There I was all ready for another chilly one....turtleneck(check), sweatshirt (check), leg warmers (check). Much to my surprise when I exited my abode, it was almost too warm! Weather, please make up your fricking mind. Oh well, I'll be indoors most of the day sewing away (trying to get some Christmas....I mean holiday......stuff finished). Later it's on to knitting. Such an exciting day, don't you think?
Y'all have a pleasant whatever and remember: The less you know, the more you believe.


HermitJim said...

I am going through the same thing here with the weather! Hot, cold, whatever!

Wish you hadn't reminded me about the overdue projects! I need to get started!

You have a great day!

Momlady said...

Get that knitting machine out and get to work! LOL