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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Had family here yesterday so I didn't take the time to post.  I finally got some lights on the tree and then went to WW.  When I got back I started making some meringues and K and grandson decorated the tree.  It didn't take much as the tree is quite small and skinny.  Sort of a Charlie Brown tree.
It's off to the gallery today.  A rainy day it is so I don't expect much traffic.  I'll be knitting, trying to get a scarf finished.  I've finished the shawl I was working on, just have to tuck in the ends and block it.  Hope the recipient likes it.
Thursday is kitty day.  Should prove interesting.  Daughter said that if Tiger doesn't fit in they'll take her back.  She'll be an outdoor kitty if she goes back.  I think she'll like being inside.  And, after a while, I'll let them out if they want to go.  Maybe they'll keep the tree rats off the porch!
Y'all have a gainful day and .... Exercise your right to be lazy.


HermitJim said...

How's the cold doing? Man, I sure feel bad for everyone that has a cold right now.

Glad you got the tree decorated. I'll bet the grand son enjoyed doing it.

You take care and stay warm, my friend!

CottonLady said...

Oh, I will so take that right today! It is bitterly cold here-was 1 degree when I got up and now is all of 17 at noon. So it's indoor stuff today.

My DD and GSons decorated my tree for me and I was happy to let them do it!

Have a good day..hope you feel better.