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Monday, April 23, 2012

A beautiful day yesterday.  Went down to the pond and cleared the pipe which had lots of sticks and mud on the cage.  Wish I knew how to prevent it happening but there is a current due to the creeks coming into the pond so it's inevitable that things will float toward the pipe.  It took a while but I finally got it done.  Then I cleared a small path through small trees and brush down to the pipe which purpose I'm not sure of.  I think it's so the pond can be drained but I'm not about to find out.....yet.  There is water coming out of it and I can't move the handle on top to shut it completely.  Nor can I open it completely...not that I want to....yet.  Now that I can get to it I'll hit it with some WD40 and see if that does anything.  After dealing with pond stuff I cleaned out half of the bed in back of the house as well as getting the thorny vine cleared away from the other half.  Guess what?  My muscles hurt.  Geesh, go figure. 
Did an embroidery project in the late afternoon since I just couldn't make my body move much.  This after visiting the evil empire to get a vacuum food sealer.  Figured I'd need one if I wanted to save all the food I'm going to dehydrate.  Gotta love the evil empire....not.  Trying to get Hobby Lobby to open a store in the next town over.  We don't have anything like that here and it's a 30+ drive to get to any like store.
Y'all have a perfect day and ever stop to think and forget to start again?

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