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Friday, June 29, 2012

Controversy here

Where in the Constitution does it say that health care is a right?  What right does the Supreme Court have to say that all MUST have health care?  I'm paying enough now just to keep myself healthy as well as those family members who need medication, so why should I let the PTB take more money from me just so some illegal alien or druggie, etc. can get treated without paying for it?  We are losing our rights, people, so you better wake up and do something about it come November.


Bella said...

I'm neither a druggie or an illegal but I am without healthcare coverage since I became unemployed in 2008. This is a way for me to get the care I so desperately need. It's quite callus to tie something good to those illicit things. I suppose you want to do away with social security also. I'm not in the monetary class of the romneys of this world as I have worked hard all of my life to finding myself outsourced by the type of corporations who so strongly want to see romney in charge. Thanks to the republicans asskissing the corporations in years prior to obama this country is in a bad place. All politicians forget that they are supposed to be working together to improve america instead of trying to come off as "the" correct political party.

Momlady said...

I'm not among the rich either, Bella, but the PTB seem to think they should be and we should pay for it. I wish you health and continued freedom to express your opinion.