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Monday, August 6, 2012

One of my neighbors called yesterday evening asking if I'd like some pears.  Of course I said yes.  So he brought some by.  A whole carton of them!  Looks like I'll be doing some dehydrating.  These pears are delicious....nothing like the nearly tasteless ones you find in the market.  I think I'm going to have to give some away since there are sooooo many.  My daughter is coming up tomorrow so I'll give some to her and then take some in to the gallery.  Wish I could share them with all of you so you could enjoy them as much as I will.
Started another basket yesterday.  Of course I don't have the right size reed to finish it.  It's on order now.  If I can get enough made, maybe I can attempt to sell some.  They'll make nice gifts, too.
Well, need to get a move on.  WW today, as well as getting a tag for the van.  Other stuff to do.
Y'all have an interesting day and remember.....it isn't always what it seems to be.


vlad said...

Slice watermelon 3/8" thick and dry. Tastes like candy. Yum
Roll ground beef round and cut into fingers. When dry enough to break like a stick, put in blender
or Corona corn mill to make meat powder. Add to soup. Equal parts meat powder, bean meal and corn meal for pancakes.
For a quick meal on the trail. A meat shake consists of one cup meat powder (4 oz dried equals 10 oz fresh meat), 2 oz olive or hemp oil, two teaspoons cayenne pepper, and 16 oz filtered water. Shake well. Enjoy.
I have meat powder ground three years ogo.

HermitJim said...

Some dried pears sounds pretty good, especially since the pears were free!

Sounds like a good time for someone to make some pear butter or some jam!

Momlady said...

Hey vlad, thanks for the info. The meat powder info is especially interesting. And I love watermelon!

Sorry, Jim, don't have the time or equipment to make pear butter or jam. Daughter may bring up her canning stuff, though.