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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Good news....daughter doesn't need glasses!  A little near sightedness in one eye and that's it.  The doc said he wished his vision was as good.  Glad to hear since that's one expense I don't have to worry about.
I was asked what a soap sock is.  Sharon, it's a crocheted bag with a drawstring that you put those soap bits in when you can't use them anymore.  That way you can really use up the soap and scrub yourself at the same time.  You can hang it on the faucet to keep it handy.  Cool, huh?
Off to the gallery today.  Think I'll try to get some more knitting dones.  Been working on a couple of scarves.  Then I may try to come up with some ideas for Christmas (groan).
Need to get started on saving the pears I was given.  Haven't seen that many in a loooong time.  Better start slicing, drying and freezing.
Y'all have a glamorous day and remember....organized people are just too lazy to look for things.


vlad said...

I put soap chips in an old sock.
It works for me.

A cup ground dried watermelon seed adds 30 g protein to soup, pancakes, cornbread etc.
See also squash seeds.

Find nutrients in many foods.

HermitJim said...

Glad the daughter got a good report from the eye doc! I think that's great!

Hard to believe that Christmas gift making time is right around the corner,isn't it?

Where has all the time got to?

SHARON said...

How can I get a 'soap sock'?

Momlady said...

vlad....guess that's why it's called a soap sock. Thank you for the info re: watermelon seeds. I certainly wasn't aware of it. Guess I won't be spitting them out on the ground anymore.

Sharon: like vlad, you can use an old sock or....my daughter might have a couple of extras and we could send you one. you'd need to send me your mailing address.

vlad said...

more on dried meat


Momlady, you are more than welcome to glance through my blog. Maybe an idea there will help to feed your hungry kids.

Momlady said...

thanks, vlad, I'll come by and take a peek.