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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Yesterday daughter came up with the kids.  It was time to give my grandson the dreaded third grade apptitude test.  I didn't realize she would be bringing the Sprout along so wasn't quite prepared with gate, etc.  Daughter did a great job of administering and Bird did a great job of taking.  It was, basically, an all day ordeal.  The good thing about the test is that it shows where Bird needs more work, such as math.
As for me, I tried my best to keep the Sprout occupied.  For the most part I think I succeeded.  While she didn't run me ragged, she did keep me occupied trying to find ways to keep her occupied.  I set up a card table with a blanket over it so she could have a "house"....I think she needs to be a bit older for that to work.  At any rate, I was quite tired when they finally left, after I jumped daughter's van because she accidentally left her lights on.  Went to bed early and made sure I got a good night's sleep.
Y'all have a productive day and .......learn something new, it'll keep your brain alive.

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