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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Small Business Saturday

I'm sure you were inundated with ads and emails asking you to support your local small businesses yesterday.  I did not expect much at the gallery (yes we're small) since it was the day after black friday (no, I don't think those words deserve capitalization) and I was pretty sure most people had fallen for the hype.  Well, I was pleasantly surprised!  I was the only one keeping the doors open, so to speak, since our fearless leader was in Alabama doing a trunk show.  For the first couple of hours....no one.  Then in the afternoon a number of people came in and actually spent money!  Wait 'til J sees that tomorrow.  I'm hoping she'll call to ask if I stood out there on the road undressed (horrors) or something to draw people in.  Actually, the customers were people who had decided NOT to support China's economy or had been in before and seen something they liked but couldn't get it that day.  If you shop(ped) local and small, thank you.  You are the ones that will keep us going.
Y'all have a calm Sunday and remember:  If you want "perfect" go to MalWart.


HermitJim said...

I'm glad that you had some customers! Always good to know that others feel the need to shop for real quality instead of "perfect" China imports!

You have a great day, and enjoy the sunshine!

Momlady said...

Thanks, Jim. It is indeed nice to know some people prefer hand made. I sure do wish we'd get some rain.