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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall (or autumn, if you will) is not my season.  I'm fighting another sinus headache.  the time change doesn't help, either.  My body doesn't know what a clock is.  I'm ready  to go to bed earlier and getting up earlier than I would like.  Wish the PTB would just leave it alone. 
Have a new kitten.  Her name is Peanutbutter but I may call her PB for short.  My daughter found her in her driveway and, apparently, the kitten had been in the engine compartment.  Her right front leg was broken and she had a cut but was otherwise okay.  Many of my dollars later she is out of the splint and living with me after being at my daughter's locked up in a carrier.  Daughter couldn't keep her...she has 4 cats already.  My other cat, Cleo, is just going to have to get used to PB.  Right now they hiss at each other.  PB is on antibiotics.  Giving her the dose is a real adventure.  I have claw marks.  Of course, if the makers of the stuff would make it taste like chicken or tuna instead of bubble gum it might be easier to give it to her.  Had another cat once that I had to give the stuff to.  He ran around the house with pink foam around his mouth as if he were having a fit. Think I'll wear a glove for tonight's dose.
Y'all have an interesting day and remember:  mornings should be moved to a more convenient time of day.


HermitJim said...

Funny how cats get around one another, isn't it? Glad the kitty has a good home!

Unknown said...

I've been following the PB Saga on FB. I'm so glad to know that she's got a forever home. I actually thought that if I lived closer I could give her a home here! Not sure how that would have gone over with the other critters but my heart just went out to the poor little thing.