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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Post surgery

The surgery was quick.  The prep and waiting long.   I was given medication for the blood pressure being on the high side (and yes I am now on medication for that).  Daughter drove me down and stayed with me until the surgery.  She was there when I came to.  I don't know what the anesthesia was but I thought I would be awake for the procedure.  Maybe I was but I don't remember.  After I was awake and ready to leave daughter took me back to her house where I spent the rest of the day and night mostly dozing.  I slept for a few more hours yesterday then drove home.  Took a nap then went to bed.  Wasn't hungry but did have a protein drink before calling it a night. Believe it or not the bandage comes off today.  I have to keep the incision site dry.  Hmmm, that should be interesting.  Hopefully I'll be knitting again soon, just not so much.
Y'all have a peaceful day.


HermitJim said...

I'm glad that everything went well! Nice to have K there to keep an eye on ya while this was all going on.

I hope you'll be back at the knitting real soon!

CottonLady said...

Happy to hear it is over and done with and you will soon be good as new! Take it easy for awhile so it heals well.


Momlady said...

Jim..K is always there if I need her. Just as I try to be there for her.
Cotton ... Don't think I'll be knitting for a while. Want to make sure it's healed well. Glad you came by. Blessings to you.

texasann said...

I had a tendon surgery on my left wrist in October. DeGourvain's syndrome - could not tuck my thumb under the fingers and flick the wrist like casting for fish. Surgeon clipped the overgrown sheath, and 3 days later I could do almost anything. I was awake, and talked to him through the whole thing. Great now, just a tiny scar to remind me. Good luck with yours, but follow instructions from your doc!

Momlady said...

Texasann....appreciate your coming by. I had the left wrist done a few years back...same thing...DeQuervain's.