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Friday, February 28, 2014


Today's the big day.  I'm having surgery on my right wrist.  There's a tendon in there that is VERY irritated with me and has been letting me know it.  Luckily I know a really good surgeon who has already done my left wrist for the same problem only my right wrist just happens to be worse.  Cause?  Two things, knitting with 8 inch number 2 circular needles (to make socks or leg warmers) and stress.  It's going to be interesting getting some things done since I'm right handed.  Driving, at least, won't be a problem (yes, I can drive with one hand).  Unfortunately I can't have any breakfast or coffee.  The surgery isn't until after noon and my tummy wants to be fed.  Geeesh...not even water! I understand why so I'll play along like a good girl. 
Y'all have an adventurous day and remember:  sometimes it isn't what it seems.

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HermitJim said...

I hope that the surgery goes well for you! I sympathize about not being able to have something to eat or drink!

Good luck!