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Thursday, June 29, 2017


Off to another memorial this morning.  My long-time friend Alex. He was a Vietnam vet and is getting  a proper send off at the lake where he lived.  He had a hard time of it when he got back from the war and fought drugs and alcohol for a long time before he got clean.  Liver cancer finally took him.  The really sad part is that he died alone at home.  His long time off and on girlfriend had tried to call him but no answer so she called the local police for a welfare check.  They had to break into the house where they found him.  She was on her way from Texas to talk to him about what he wanted done.  I wish he had called me.  I'd have been there in a heartbeat.
This is the second memorial I will have been to in a week.  The first was a woman who was killed doing what she loved to do....working as a corner marshal at Road Atlanta.  She went to help a downed motorcycle rider and tripped.  The rider who hit her couldn't avoid it.  It was the first time a worker has been killed at the track and hopefully the last.
I will mourn their passing but know that they are in a better place with no pain.  Blessed be.

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HermitJim said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friends. It's never easy to lose a friend, especially by an accident. Like you say...at least they are in a better place.