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Saturday, July 7, 2018


This summer has been a wet one.  I can't think of many days where there hasn't been rain.  The weeds are loving it.  My sinuses not so much.  There are days where I feel as though my head is stuffed with cotton, but I can breathe just fine.  Sometimes I feel as though my equilibrium is off.  On those days I just can't do anything but sit in my recliner and move as little as possible.  The companies that make sinus relief medication are loving me.  My throat is sore from constantly trying to clear it (post nasal drip).  Kimberly-Clarke loves me, too.  Boxes of Kleenex in every room.  I'm hoping that when my sister comes and we travel to visit my brother in NC all will be better with the ocean air.
On a better note...I'm now taking two fewer medications!  Thought I had developed an allergy to a replacement generic so I quit taking it.  That didn't do it so I quit taking another that I took twice a day.  Was worried about my "numbers" at my yearly physical but they were all good.  So...two less meds.  I still have the itch problem but not as bad and I can tolerate it.  Pharmacist says it might be the fillers in the pills.  Apparently different drug companies use different ones.  And companies such as Walgreen's buy by the bulk from whomever gives them the best price and it's not always the same company.  I noticed, too, that the labs are different even though the drug is the "same".  Unfortunately I won't be dropping the diabetes medications so I just have to hope that the itching will go away.  Maybe it's the heat and humidity and everything will clear up when cooler weather comes.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

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