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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

As you have may have read, my daughter K has finally gotten through the mounds of paperwork and has filed the papers for her divorce. It has been a long time coming and I'm sure she will be relieved when all is said and done. I'm impressed that the courts now understand that not everyone can afford an attorney, nor need one if both parties can agree to terms. The paperwork is daunting, but a lot cheaper than hiring someone to do it. I should know, I used to do it. When she called me after filling everything out, telling me it would be anywhere from 31 to 45 days until court I told her she was lucky she didn't live in Louisiana where, I believe, one has to wait a year.
What's interesting is that her husband T connected with an ex-girlfriend very quickly (almost immediately) after being told K wanted the divorce. I can't help but think he'd been in touch with M quite some time beforehand. And he now spends quite a bit of time at her place, including spending the night (on the couch....uh huh). Fine with me....maybe he'll move out sooner and move in with her, thereby sparing K his "oh woe is me" isms. What's also interesting is that he is doing things with M and her son that he never did with K and his own son. He has his excuses, always the excuses the are convenient for him, but I've stopped believing anything he says. I've asked him two favors and we'll see if he executes them.
Okay enough of the venting. I'm going to be getting ready to go to TN to visit friends for the 4th. Their house is situated 3/4 of the way up a ridge and you can see for miles from the lanai. In the morning we have our coffee out there and watch all the birds, as well as the mist rising off the river a few miles away. The view is AWESOME! Very relaxing!
So, off to get the house straightened up before I go. Much to do.....ta for now.

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