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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thoughts on self-image

Question....when you get up in the morning what image of yourself do you have in your mind's eye? Is it how you actually look or is it how you look in your mind's eye? I think this question is more pertinent to older people than young people. For me, I see myself as I looked 25 years ago and when I see myself in the mirror, it's still a shock. Where did that chicken neck come from? Eeeeek....is that really me? And what about those circles and small bags under my eyes....the age spots that seem to pop up overnight? The lost waist and expanded hip area. That can't be me! But it is. It seems my brain wants me to think I'm still in my 40's. It's how I think and mostly feel. Sometimes, though, the body lets me know it ain't so. But I have to wonder why the brain does this. I know in my heart that I'm not young any more. In my mind's eye, however, I am still thin, still wear a size 10 (not for the last 15 years, damn it) and can go out and work in the yard all day then dance all night (not in reality!!!).
I look in the mirror as little as possible so I can keep the illusion.
What about you?

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Kyddryn said...

I'm still twenty...but not the twenty I was when I WAS twenty...nope...I'm the idealized twenty I would have been if I'd had thirty or so years to sort out what was important at twenty.

Confused, yet?

Love you, Mum...and you don't have a chicken neck.