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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Can't take much time this morning as class starts soon. I was exhausted last night from trying to come up with design ideas. Out first project was a pair of earrings (copper and silver) where we used a rivet and a lash. These we were supposed to get done before lunch (I just finished in time) so we could wear them to lunch. I even learned how to make ear wires....yay! After lunch came the mental challenge. Come up with a design for a bracelet using a 6x1 inch piece of copper cut into five pieces. I'll be working on this this morning as I only finished two of the pieces yesterday afternoon. However mentally challenging it is I'm learning a lot about rivets and eyelets and lashings, oh my. 'bye

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Kyddryn said...

Ooooh, I can't wait to see what new tricks you've learned!!

Hey - one of the kittens has a new home. NOT THIS ONE!!

I'll tell you about it when you come home - off to Beth's pool today, where she'll play with Bird while I go shopping for K (she needs a re-suply of torques).

May be spending Wednesday night at your place w/SamV - we went to the gallery Sunday and she wants one more day before work starts again, so we're going Thursday as well.

Love you!

Shade and Sweetwater,