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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

For those of you who are totally disgusted with the way the government is behaving towards unlawful (illegal is a sick bird) immigrants you need to go to http://wretha.blogspot.com and read her last two entries, then pass them on to others you know who are also disgusted. Mayhap they will pass them on and the entries will travel all over the U.S. I hope so. Also, Hermit Jim has an interesting post today.

To all who believe the government is wonderful: Go, lemmings, go!


HermitJim said...

Glad you are back on schedule, my friend!

I just don't understand why it's so hard for some folks to understand how people feel about being unlawfully invaded by anyone!

Maybe it will take a death or beheading of a family member by one of these invaders to cut through the fog! Who knows?

You ave a great day!

Tatersmama said...

This was a great post... and I went and checked out wretha as well! Thank you for the link!!!

Momlady said...

HJ...I don't know about being back on schedule (schedule? what's that?) Thanks for coming by and have a stupendous day.

Tmama....you are most welcome. If only I were more computer literate I could pass more on. Have a wonderday.

WrethaOffGrid said...

Thanks for the link and positive comments, I'm amazed at the number of people who think we should just open our borders and allow anyone and everyone to enter, who think it's mean spirited to do otherwise, must be nice to live in the utopia between their ears.