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Friday, May 14, 2010

Gonna be away

I'm going down to my daughter's this evening and tomorrow we three adults (me, daughter and Someone) are going to the Renaissance Festival. I confess it will be nice not to have the Evil Genius with us, much as I love him. He flat wears you out wanting to go on all the slides and rides (disguised, of course, to look medieval) and we don't get to see all that we want to see. Perhaps this time we will. There are lots of fun shows to watch and, of course, one can spend a good amount of $$$ on stuff. The stuff will have to stay there as I don't need anything they have there, except perhaps food. Must have a fried pickle.
At any rate, I may or may not post these next two days. Sunday I'll be going to a bead show. Since my chainmail jewelry isn't selling I may go back to doing some beading and see if that will sell. The other problem is that I can't get the supplies I need for the chainmail because there is a turf war going on with manufacturers of the metal I use (Argentium) and the companies that make jump rings are out of the stuff. I suppose I could bite the bullet and make my own, but I'm essentially lazy enough to not want to nor do I want to buy the equipment necessary to do so. Or perhaps this is sign that I should move on to something else. Who knows?
Y'all have a great day and weekend. Do something for yourself. And remember: Not all who wander are lost.


Kyddryn said...

They have deep-fried bacon this year. Yes. Yes, they do.

Shade and Sweetwater,

Unknown said...

MMM Fried Pickles.....

HermitJim said...

I thought I knew a lot about food, but I have never heard of a "fried pickle" before!

Wow, you taught me something new today! Thanks!

Robynn's Ravings said...

I'm here because Kate, at Tatersmama, told me I had to come. :) YOu have a lovely blog and though I've never had a fried pickle, I'd be willing. Wonder if we have that at our fair? I'll be on the lookout!

Word Veri: "Habot" Maybe fried pickles will become a new habot. Like I really need a new food with ANYthng "fried" in the title!

Momlady said...

Kyddryn...no thank you. Fried pickles will suffice. Actually they did suffice, along with the steak on a stake and ribbon potatoes.

HJ...These days you can get just about anything fried. Pickles are really good if done right.

SFChick: Yeah!

Robyn...Some restaurants are now offering fried pickles. I really like the ones at the Renaissance festival best, though. Thank you for stopping by! Hope to see you here again.