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Friday, May 7, 2010

Not much to say today. Went to the gallery yesterday and finished a necklace. Went to knit group last night. Nothing on the schedule today.
Wednesday I did get the water lilies sprayed. Glad I got it done in the morning. That afternoon went to see the orthopedist. We agreed that the night brace and exercises weren't working so now I have a boot on for the next few weeks. If that doesn't work it looks like surgery. The only time I take off the boot is when I bathe. I've already noticed a difference in two days. This may just be what that poor irritated tendon needed.....a good rest. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Y'all have a gorgeous day.


HermitJim said...

I keep saying to slow down and take it easy, right?

Maybe a good rest for a bit will help it along enough to avoid surgery! I certainly hope so!

You have a good day, my friend!

Bob from Athens said...

There is a delicate balance sometimes between just the right amount of exercise and too much, In my case it can be as little as walking the thirty yards to the mailbox or not late in the afternoon. I have had a couple of experiences having to use crutches and once not even walking for about six weeks. Most people take walking around for granted, HA, you don't know what you have until you lose it. Take care of yourself and do what the Doctor says, believe me, from personal experience I know, not being able to walk is noooooooo fun.

Momlady said...

Jim....is dancing taking it easy? It was fun, though and I was surprised I could in the boot. And the swelling is already going down. You have a great one, too.

Bob...Been there, done that. Didn't like it either. Take care and I'm glad you stopped by.