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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Can't get in touch with daughter. No she isn't missing, she doesn't have phone, internet, or tv. Unfortunately she couldn't pay the bill and this time I couldn't help her. To add to the chaos, one of the neighbor's Bradford pear trees fell on the cargo trailer they need to use in three weeks, punching holes in it. I told her that it was a good time to cut all those gd trees down. The only upside of the event is that now it isn't blocking the satellite dish for the tv which she can't watch 'cause she couldn't pay the bill. Unfortunately she has one of those bundle deals and can't get out of it since she has no credit to set up separate accounts.
Sooooooo, if you would be so kind as to send postive thoughts her way (it's Kyddryn). it would be much appreciated.
Y'all have a peaceful weekend and please remember those who have given the greatest sacrifice so that we could be free (at least for now).

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