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Monday, May 9, 2011

Haven't had much chance to get on the 'puter since family was here for a couple of days. J and I were able to get the gate for the garden put together and those things the posts got in driven into the ground yesterday. J did most of the hard stuff, like pounding those things into the ground with my sledgehammer. Next time they're up he and I will, hopefully, get the poles in and the fence up. Then it's on to creating beds. Probably raised beds. There's some squash coming up in the area that I dug up the iris from and maybe some okra so we need to get everything finished so the deer or other critters can't get to them.
Have been able to enjoy a strawberry or two from the plants out on the porch. Yum. And there are tiny lettuce plants coming up in the planter out there. 'Course they'll all be ready at once so some friends and family may benefit since one can only eat so much lettuce.
It's off to the gallery today. Need to make some more crocheted necklaces as they seem popular. They consitute most of my sales.
Y'all have a pretty day and enjoy.

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