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Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's Sunday.  Not that it makes much difference what day it is.  They've all begun to run together and if I didn't have a calendar on the fridge I probably wouldn't know what day it is, was, or will be.
Think I'll get the rest of the quilt top finished this morning.  The one I started the other day.  Don't have to be at the gallery 'til noon. 
Did get some weeding done yesterday morning.  The squash plants have blossoms on them.  The okra looks like it's struggling.  Only a few inches high.  'Course the soil hasn't been amended in years and probably doesn't have much in the way of nutrients in it.  Oh well.
Y'all have a peaceful day and remember....what you haven't started you can't finish.


HermitJim said...

Glad you finally got the chance to get out to the garden! Not much fun to weed, but it becomes necessary at times...as well I know!

You have a great day, my friend!

Momlady said...

Yup, weeding isn't fun and they do seem to grow back quickly. I'll need to get out there more, I guess. Oh, and plant the tomatoes and peppers that J brought and put on the porch.
Thanks for stopping by.