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Friday, June 10, 2011

Today is the first day of the Northeast Georgia Arts Tour. This is a self-guided tour that covers four counties. Two weekends a year the places participating have demonstrating artists so people can see how some things are made. Our gallery is one of the participants and we're having a cookie contest. There's been a lot of interest in that so we'll see how many people bring in cookies. It's kinda hard to determine how many to make since the tour is 3 days and there have to be enough of your cookies to last all 3 days. I made some gluten-free chocolate chip cookies and we'll see how they fare. Actually they aren't just chocolate chip. I throw in dried cranberries and dried tart cherries as well. Makes a nice contrast. I lost count on just how many cookies I made. I hope there's enough 'cause I really don't want to have to make more after being at the gallery all day. Will let you know if I win.
We had a little bit of rain yesterday. Just enough to tease. We need more. Doesn't look like we'll get any today. Sigh.
Well, need to get a move on. Have to take daughter's fire extinguisher to be refilled. She had to use it on a small fire on the side of the road. What's with these idiots who throw cigarettes out the window? Especially when we are in a drought?
Y'all have an interesting day and.....think good thoughts.

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