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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Going to the nut house.

I'm picking up my friend Jaymi (she's the fearless director of the gallery I'm always mentioning) later this morning and we're going to Franklin.  We'll have lunch and wander around downtown to see what there is to see.  I've not been able to do that when with the quilting gals as there is a set route we take and quilt shops we stop at.  Usually there isn't enough time to just window shop, etc.  Sooooo.  And on the way home we'll stop at what Jaymi calls the nut house.  It's really a shop named A Room Full of Nuts.  There one can find just about every nut there is in existence and then some.  Also found are chocolate covered fruits, dried fruits, etc.  I loooooove the dark chocolate covered cranberries.  Good for the soul but not the waistline.  The store carries lots of gluten free products.  One of my favorites that Jaymi's daughter introduced me to is Blue Diamond Pecan (or Walnut) crackers.  Yum!
Hey, I'm not trying to advertise anything here, just letting you know of some things that I like at a store I don't get to too often.  There's a lot more I could tell you about but I just wanted to mention my favorites.
I like going on adventures with Jaymi.  We have fun and get to talk. 
Read a short article this morning about a teenager who died when he stuck his head out of a roof hatch on a party bus and his head hit the overpass.  The teens had been warned on numerous occasions not to fool with the hatch, but apparently this guy thought he didn't have to listen.  While I feel sorry for his family, maybe it served as a lesson to the others.
Y'all have a safe weekend and remember:  stupidity kills, just not often enough.

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HermitJim said...

Sounds like you are going to have fun at the "nut house!"

Having one of those tomorrow here as it's time for Mom's reunion and a lot of the family will be coming over, at least I hope so for Mom's sake!

I could do without it, but Mom loves it...so here we go!

Have a great day, my friend!