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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shopping trip

It's Saturday and that usually means a day at home getting some things done.  Not today.  Around 10:00 I'm picking up a friend who didn't want to go fabric shopping alone.  She wanted to drive, I told her no way (she slower than a snail and talks constantly while gesturing).  I have to have a lot of patience when with her which is a lot easier when there are just the two of us.  When there are other people I'd like to converse with it's very difficult.  Also she has one of those voices.  You know, like fingernails on a blackboard?  She is a nice person and I'm glad she considers me a friend.  She has taught me a lot about tolerance. 
Back to fabric shopping.  It's like taking a kid into a candy store and saying go for it.  I do not need any more fabric, however.......I know I'll see some I fall in love with and just have to have.  This is not a good thing.  The Georgia ,Quilt Show is coming up in three weeks and I'll be there all three days.  Sooooooooo much fabric!  And notions, must not forget the notions.  Sigh....I'm doomed.  I cannot tell you how many unfinished projects I have or how many kits and patterns I just couldn't live without.  Hopefully, keeping in mind that I have to save lots for a special trip in 2014, I'll refrain from bringing home lots of stuff I don't need.
Y'all have a productive day and remember:  he who dies with the most toys.....is still dead.

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CottonLady said...

Oh, I can so relate!! Love the fabric, notions and kits, and with Christmas coming up, I'm sure I would find something I could make that I absolutely NEED! :) It is fun to shop, tho.
Bless you for your patience, I know your friend appreciates you.