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Wednesday, October 19, 2016


I confess that Autumn is not my favorite time of year.  It tells me that winter is coming and I don't like winter.  The days are so short I get up in the dark and night comes all too soon.  I have S.A.D. so winter is especially difficult.  Maybe that's why I take a trip somewhere sunny and warm either in January or February.  It has stayed quite warm much later this year.  Even though the leaves are turning it's been in the 80's most days.  It was already 70 when I got up this morning!  Mind you, I don't mind the warm weather, it's just that it doesn't fit the season.  Of course, seeing Christmas stuff up already doesn't help.  Walmart had stuff up before Labor Day!!  Kinda kills the spirit.
I'm taking a trip to Germany this December.  A river cruise to visit the Christmas Markets.  It will be cold but at least I'll be distracted.  We start in Prague, go to Nuremberg, board the boat, then on to Frankfurt, stopping in a number of ports for the markets.  I'm looking forward to the trip but not the rush for the holiday when I get home.  We celebrate Yule here, which comes on the 21st.  Guess I'll be getting the decorating done before I leave.
Okay, onward and upward.  Y'all have a most pleasant of days and remember:  Critical thinking:  the other National deficit.


Hermit's Baby Sis said...

I love the sound of your market cruise, Momlady! I always try to find a tree ornament for each of our vacations, and I'm sure you'll have a delightful time.

I love Fall - even though I detest the color orange. To me, it's only good for pumpkins and oranges, not decorating, cars, or clothes. But the scents, the leaves, the relief from the heat are all good things. Now just bring on the cool!

HermitJim said...

I'm not big on the holidays either, but I think it's because of my spending so much of my past working in retail. Of course, I blame a lot on my days in retail, it seems.

Maybe I need a cruise myself. I could always go tubing on the San Gabriel river, I reckon!

Momlady said...

Baby Sis...Thanks for stopping by. You have a gorgeous day.
HJ..You could always take a paddlewheeler on the mighty Mississippi.