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Sunday, October 2, 2016

My daughter's "partner" is out of jail.  The relationship is basically over because, hopefully, her eyes are opening to the person he really is.  I told her he is not to live in the house (it's my house) although I will not keep him from visiting his daughter.  J is narcissistic to say the least.  Everything is about him.  For the time he was with my daughter he did, not once, give her any gifts for birthday or christmas nor did he buy his daughter any gifts.  My daughter would put his name on what she had bought.  But if you didn't remember his birthday....whoa!  Whatever the future holds for him will be strictly up to him.  He seems to believe that my daughter will pick up where they left off before he went behind bars.  He's wrong.  Nor will she be doing all the leg and paper work that he needs to do.  I'll be watching.  For his sake I hope he wakes up and takes a positive direction, otherwise I believe he'll end up back behind bars.  Counseling has helped my daughter open her eyes.  I can only hope that her eyes stay open and she finds someone who is worthy of her big heart and generosity.
Y'll have a kind day and remember:  love is a four-letter word.


Sixbears said...

Hope all goes well. I've a daughter who's choice in men gave me endless headaches. Actually all three of my daughters boyfriends gave me headaches. They pushed the limits of man who owns a shotgun, a shovel and a swamp.

Now that they are in their 30s they are all doing well. Finally ended up with nice men.

HermitJim said...

I do hope that it turns out well for the daughter. She is over due for some good luck, I think. I would hope that J can turn his life around as well.