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Monday, October 3, 2016

Slapped in the face

I have been slapped in the face and punched in the gut by the man who says he loves my daughter.  I told my daughter he was not to be in the house nor was he to stay there.  Last night I saw his post on Facebook stating he was in bed with his arms around my daughter and their daughter.  In other words, he spent the night.  My daughter is coming up for her counseling session this afternoon and she and I are going to have a discussion.  She told everyone before he got out that she's done.  Now she's let him into her bed?!  She's backpedalling as fast as she can and it took so long for her to get where she was before he got out.  I am physically ill and so angry that I could hurt something. I disliked him before, now I dislike him even more.  He knows just what people want to hear and says it so sincerely.  My daughter is not thinking of her children, especially her son who is scared to death of this man who once put his hands around R's throat.  He's told him that when R gets bigger they're going to have to fight.  He expects things to go back the way they were.  Well, if that's what she wants so be it but not with my support.
I know I'm unloading on y'all but I had to get some of the anger out.  Y'all have a better day than me.


HermitJim said...

I sure am sorry to hear this. I had high hopes that she had learned better. I think the children will suffer the most if things continue in this light.

Momlady said...

Jim - K came after counseling and explained what really went on. I was quick to jump to conclusions but the way the post was worded she understands why I believed what I did. She had a reasonable explanation and J will not be living in the house (and nothing "untoward" (her words) happened that night.) The next night he slept on the couch. She did not want him sleeping on the streets and will honor my wishes that he not live with her. She wants to try work things through with him but knows it can't be done with him living there. She also understands that the children's welfare comes first. She is a very compassionate person even toward someone who has hurt her. She also understands that I am a mama bear looking out for her cub. We'll see how things go.