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Tuesday, October 4, 2016


My daughter came to the house yesterday after her counseling session so we could discuss why I was so upset by Cynus' post.  She understands why I would be upset and explained that nothing "untoward" (her word) happened.  I won't go into details but suffice it to say that that I am satisfied with her explanation.  She also told me that he slept on the couch the next night.  Today they will be looking for a place for him to stay and he will not be living at the house.  She knows that if they are to work things through he cannot live there.  That he has to work out his issues and she has to work on herself.  Her first priority is the children, then her.  His priority has to be himself.  Perhaps the fact that she is going to be away for about a week will help him focus.
I guess the next time I see something upsetting like that I'll try not to jump to conclusions and get an explanation asap so I don't got through what I did this time. And hopefully he will think twice about how he words his posts.
Y'all have a great day and remember:  Worry gives a small thing a great shadow.  (from a bumper sticker)


lotta joy said...

Narcissism is impossible to cure, and it's impossible to deal with the person who has it. I don't know what's going on, since this is my first visit. I will reading backwards until I can catch up. Perhaps his treatment of your daughter has taken hold in her self-esteem. I totally agreed with my wasbund's treatment of me, because it was all my fault. Everyone said so.

HermitJim said...

Let's hope they can smooth everything out. I agree that K being out of town for a while should help .
These kind of problems are never any fun to deal with.

Momlady said...

Lotta Joy .. Happily my daughter realizes that J has a long road ahead of him which is why she agrees with me and knows it's best he not live at the house. She also knows that it would destroy our relationship and she doesn't want that. The counseling has done wonders for her.
HJ: if they can, fine, but K knows it may never totally heal and they will never be a couple living together