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Thursday, May 4, 2017

a continuance

Here are some more group nouns...

a gaggle of geese
 a gam of whales
a gang of buffalo, elk, weasels
a gaze of raccoons
a glaring of cats
a grist of bees
a gulp of cormorants, swallows
a harem of seals
a hedge of herons
a herd of antelope, asses, buffalo, caribou, cattle, deer, elephants elk, giraffes, goats, horses,    
               kangaroos, moose, rhinoceroses, seals, swans, swine, walruses, zebras
a hive of bees
a horde of gnats
a host of sparrows
a hover of trout
a huddle of walruses
a husk of hares
an intrusion of cockroaches
a kettle of hawks
a knot of snakes, toads
a labor of moles
a leap of leopards
a leash of foxes
a lounge of lizards
a memory of elephants
a mob of emus, kangaroos, whales
a murder of crows
a murmurations of starlings
a muster of peacocks
a mute of hounds
a nest of ants, bees, mice, rabbits, snakes, toads
a nursery of raccoons
a nye of pheasants
an obstinacy of buffalo
an ostentation of peacocks

to be continued......

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HermitJim said...

You found a lot more of them than I did. I never would have known all of these at all until I
read your post. Good work, my friend!