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Sunday, May 7, 2017


It was 40 degrees this morning on my front porch.  Brrr.  This is May for crying out loud.  Geesh!
I think I'll wait 'til it warms up a bit before going out to do some weeding.  Bought a milkweed plant yesterday in hopes of attracting Monarchs.  I'll probably have to wait until the plant is much bigger and producing its pods, etc.
Sunflower seeds have sprouted and are beginning to show leaves above ground.  The seeds are from last year's "crop" so I hope they are just as huge.
Stuck a sweet potato in a pot of soil.  Will see if it does anything.  A sweet potato vine would be pretty hanging off the porch.
Texas hibiscus seeds are starting to sprout.  Those are in a pot on the porch.  Until they flower they will look just like pot plants (Cleome do too) so if I get a visit from the local constabulary......
Not having a vegetable garden this year.  My friend who so generously helped me last year is working for someone and doesn't have time and I have too much weeding and planting to do out front.  My goal is to get the front to a point where it's nothing but flowers and decorative bushes (the rosemary has gone crazy as well as the oregano).  Just hope I have enough time on this earth to get it done (no I'm not on my way out at least not that I know of).  Maybe the elephant ear plants will take over.
The new gutters were installed just in time.  The day after we had a good gully washer.
As well as buying the milkweed plant yesterday I also bought English Tarragon and Thyme.  A great stone and iron crane sculpture now graces the garden as well.  The whirligig I purchased last week has been working hard at keeping the deer away.
Okay, onward and upward.  You have a glorious day.


HermitJim said...

I never thought of using a whirly-gig to keep the deer away! Good thinking, my friend!

Momlady said...

I just hope it works, HJ.