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Monday, July 20, 2009

Carp.....I just erased the post I wrote for today.
Okay, let's see.....oh yeah...day before yesterday my grandson tried to put a crack in a neighbor's driveway by falling on his head while getting out of the bed of a stationary pickup truck. Luckily he survived and nothing was found awry when K took him to the ER. And it was his first semi-unsupervised outdoor adventure. She is still keeping an eye on him, just in case. Just goes to show how hard headed kids are in more ways than one.
Finally got some pictures of my son's kids via my phone (my daughter-in-law has a phobia about taking pictures of the kids). Now all I have to do is figure out how to retrieve them. I'll ask K if she can since she seems to be the guru of new fangled phones.
Also went to Hobby Lobby and spent too much, of course. Can't say much for the bead section, though. Looks like I'll have to go to the gem show on Sunday (oh darn) to see if I can find some of the stuff I need to start making earrings and such for Christmas. Speaking of earrings, I found a really cheap, simple frame that I'm going to make into a display for earrings. It's a design I'm "borrowing" from a friend.
It's off to shower, get dressed, kill weeds and generally venture out into the world to try to get some things done.....even if wrong. Tonight I'll take on the county commission.....well, maybe not take on, but certainly let them know an opinion or two.


Holly said...

Dear One:
You are my 100th follower! And, I want to thank you for helping me to reach this amazing milestone! Thank you so much and blessings on your day...

Kyddryn said...

Give the Commission Hell, Mum! You know, one day when I move up there they're going to toss in the towel and go home. "Oh, no, now there's two of them!!" Bwahahahaha...ahem.

If you should forget how to retrieve the pics, just call - I'll talk you through it. I love that you're subversive that way, sneaking pics on the phone...a real Grandmata-Hari (or however you spell her name...).

Thanks for coming with, today...you're awesome!

Shade and Sweetwater,

Momlady said...

Holly, Bright blessings to you. Kyddryn is the one who showed my your blog so you can thank her also.