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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another day, another doctor

I need to go on more cruises. Not only did I lose weight, my A1C is perfect! Of course it isn't just the cruise since the A1C is done every three months, but the weight coming off must be. Walking up and down the stairs instead of taking the elevator and doing a mile around the ship every other day or so.
Speaking of walking....I go see the orthopedist today regarding my left ankle. Tendonitis that prevents me from walking a lot, because it hurts. Quite often I walk distances despite the hurt which, of course, aggravates the heck out of it and I pay for it. How did it happen? A couple of jobs I had in the past meant walking on concrete floors all day. I used to have the tendonitis in both ankles. Some mornings so bad I could hardly walk. Somehow the right ankle got better. I thought the left was okay. Not! So it's off to see what can be done.
We're supposed to have rain/snow today and the sky shows it. When I get back home I think I'll get some sewing done and maybe play with hammering copper. Spring must be just around the corner. I saw a bunch of robins yesterday and the birds have started singing more. There's a wren that must be building a nest somewhere on the house 'cause she lands on the railing a lot. Either that or she's telling me to fill the bird feeder.
Found out something interesting at the doctor's yesterday. I always wondered why the month of February was the worst for me. I hate it and wish it didn't exist even though my daughter was born in this month and I love her dearly. It seems that our serotonin level is at its lowest in February. Why? Beats me, but it explains a lot. So if you are feeling blue, know that it isn't permanent. As soon as the sun shines more and it warms up it's supposed to cheer you up. And it does, at least for me. So....c'mon Spring!
Have an optimistic day.


HermitJim said...

Hope the ankle doc is able to give you some relief! Walking around outside during the start of Spring is a fun thing, and so much more fun when the legs and feet are 100%.

I'm with ya on hurrying Spring along!

Have a great day, my friend!

Momlady said...

No relief and not good news, but I shall persevere! Glad you could come by and thank you for the support.