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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Okay, so I went to the orthopedist yesterday about my left ankle. Can you say MRI coming up? Seems the Achilles tendon is definitely not a happy camper and may have gone rotten and there may be a cyst sitting on it a little higher up. Oh joy! Oh rapture! All I want is to be able to walk without hurting, damn it. Oh well, at least I'm alive and kicking (hmm, may want to rethink the kicking part).
We had snow last night! Woke up to a semi-white ground this morning. I heard the wind last night but didn't realize it had brought dry white stuff with it. Rather that than rain anytime. It's gonna be cold today. I don't mind, I'll be inside at the gallery all day. A good time with good friends.
So, time to get a move on.....y'all have an enjoyable day.

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