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Saturday, June 19, 2010

For those of you who live in the South kudzu is a plant that looks like it's taking over everywhere. It takes on strange forms from whatever it covers. For me, most growths look like animals. There are any number of dinosaurs and elephants along the road. I have a book about kudzu which, surprisingly, has information about a number of uses for the plant. I thought I would share some of the info with you.
"In Japan the kudzu plant has traditionally been used as a medicine in two different forms: the white powder extracted from the root is used to prepare a number of creamy beverages, such as the popular Kudzu Cream; and small tan cubes of the pulpy, dried, unprocessed root are simmered alone or with other herbs to prepare medicinal infusions know as Kudzu Root Teas.

Through their strongly alkaline biochemical balance, kudzu powder and kudzu root work naturally to restore good health by alkalizing the bloodstream while combatting intestinal and digestive disorders and a host of other infirmities. In Japan they are sometimes used as nourishing health foods for invalids and the elderly. In Japanese hospitals the powder is often prescribed for patients on a liquid diet, since it is soothing, nutritious, and easy to digest."

From The Book of Kudzu....A Culinary and Healing Guide by William Shurtleff and Akiko Aoyagi

Now, I've had kudzu jelly (which is made from the flowers) and it's delicious. I'm not sure about the teas and root. I am sure that I feel very lucky not to have any of the stuff on my property. I've seen it "eat" a house in a very short time.

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HermitJim said...

I know the farmers on't like it, but it sure is pretty to look at along the highway!

Momlady said...

Unfortunately it takes over quickly and is hard to kill.