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Thursday, December 2, 2010

In the 20's this morning. Brrrrrr. Clear though and that's good. After we had the deluge the other day I wasn't sure it would dry out. The trenches are still in my driveway.....sigh. I suppose I should get out there and try to fill them back in but it's COLD. Besides, I'm off to the gallery today. Don't know what the heck I'm going to work on. Nothing is selling. If I do get a check for any sale for last month it'll be piddling little. Glad I don't have to count on it for my living!
The friend I allow to hunt in my woods (he uses only a bow) got a deer yesterday. Hope I get some venison for the freezer. It was a young buck. He didn't see the little nubbins that would have been antlers. When I went out to see it I said a silent thank you to it for providing food. I think anyone who hunts just for the antlers should have their gun taken away. Hopefully he will get a doe as they are too many in this area and they need to be culled.
I'm off (always) and not running to slowly get ready for the day. Speaking of which you have a happy one and remember: Keep your butt in the car...the world is not your ashtray.


mizdeb said...

Hope you have a wonderful day! Have you tried Etsy to sell your crafts? I don't post often but wanted you to know that I read you everyday and enjoy your posts!

DianeLynn said...

Thank you for stating about giving thanks when an animal is killed FOR FOOD! Though I have never been hunting, I have been known to stop, if safe, to anoint the animal with a wee bit of tobacco to free their spirit. Those who still follow this tradition do the same after a hunt, to give thanks and honor the animal spirit.

Momlady said...

Mizdeb....believe it or not I really don't have the time to take the pictures, etc. for Etsy. I'm trying to get my daughter to do it. Maybe one day. Thanks for stopping by.

Diane-Sage: when I moved into my house I stood on my porch and told the spirits that I was not the owner of the land, but the keeper and that I would do my best. Glad you came by.