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Monday, December 13, 2010

All of 16 degrees this morning. Brrrr. At least we didn't lose power. I might have stayed in bed under my nice warm comforter if we had.
Drove to a surprise birthday party last night...in the snowstorm, on icy roads. No big deal really. I've driven in that stuff before. Of course there were a lot of expletives let loose at the other drivers who DON'T know how to drive in the stuff. The roads had been sanded by the time I drove back home so it wasn't bad at all. All I can say is: if you don't know how to drive in the stuff and don't have to go anywhere....don't. Stay home.
Co-op's closed today so I might get some things done. Wrapped gifts yesterday and have everything ready to ship....almost. A few things to finish and I should get everything out tomorrow. Gonna make more meringues and maybe, just maybe get some ornaments on the tree. Oh, wait....I have that quilt to finish. Sigh.
It's the start of a hectic week.
Y'all have a creative day and remember: Artists make poor slaves.

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