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Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Christmas

I tried to get on the computer yesterday but it was snowing hard enough to block the satellite signal. We had a white Christmas! The first since 1862....I think. Sometime around then. At any rate I stayed in and stayed warm. Did some sewing and laundry (had already celebrated our holiday on Tuesday the 21st), knitted some and watched the tele. A nice lazy day all to myself. Spoke with my brother and my sister (one in Florida the other in Missouri). My brother was by himself since the "kids" were spending this Christmas with in-laws. Next year it'll be his turn to have them. My sister had her daughter and her brood there as well as her male friend and his mother. Chaos ruled.
I'm off to my son's today. He and family will be heading across the pond tomorrow to spend three weeks in jolly old England. They shouldn't have any trouble getting out since the snow didn't extend that far south of here. 'Course that could change, weather being capricious and all.
Hopefully everyone had a good day and able to celebrate with family and/or friends.
Have a quiet, restful day y'all and be glad that the sun is returning and days will be longer.

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