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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Well, I'm still here and if you are reading this so are you. Had a busy, tiring day at the gallery today and a busy, tiring day putting up deer fencing yesterday. I've missed y'all. It's hard to get on the larger computer, where I can actually read stuff, when family is here. I can get on my mini, but the screen is small and there usually isn't much time before I have to go to the gallery or get outside and get something done while it's still cool.
The deer fence is up! Thanks to J, my daughter's Someone. Now all that's left is the little critter fencing that goes at the bottom of the deer fence to keep out rabbits and such. The squash and okra growing ever so slowly can now grow without fear of deer (and hopefully smaller critters) eating them. The deer fence is truly invisible when you look at it with the woods in the background. I think if I ran into something like it I would think twice about trying to jump it. Hope the deer feel the same way.
I'm tired so I'll say good night. Have a GOOD night and I hope you remembered that this was also Armed Forces day and that you thanked everyone you know who serve(d

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HermitJim said...

Glad you finally got the deer fence up! Let's hope it works like it's supposed to!

We missed you while you were out working!