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Friday, July 1, 2011

Don't know if I'll have time to post tomorrow.  I'm going to TN to visit friends for the 4th.  I do this every year but don't know how many more years there will be.  These friends are older than I and V has peritoneal cancer which is incurable.  It has begun to grow again, albeit slowly.  She says she's doing okay.  I'll see when I get there tomorrow.  It will be good to see them and my stay always relaxes me.  The only planned thing we may do is go see fireworks.  On the 4th family and friends come over and we pig out on food, after which we sit outside and watch all the fireworks in the surrounding area (their house is halfway up a ridge giving them a tremendous view).
I usually stay 4 days unless we've arranged for a longer time.  I figure they'll have had enough of me by then.  Since they don't have internet access I'll be out of touch for that time.  That's fine with me.  My days there are lazy days and I always feel refreshed when I get home.  V and I start the day on the lanai reading our books, watching birds, eating fruit and drinking our coffee.  It's very quiet there and peaceful.  Sometimes the hummingbirds entertain us chasing each other away from the feeder.  Miss Priss, the cat, stalks butterflies in the tall grass in front of us.  When J gets up he joins us for a bit then we start thinking about breakfast.  After that we plan, or don't plan, the day.
Y'all have a quiet and enjoyable holiday.  Don't blow any fingers off being foolish with fireworks.  And remember:  Freedom isn't free......keep our brave men and women in your thoughts, for without them we might be speaking a different language.

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