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Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm biting the bullet and am going to go to my first Weight Watchers meeting today.  Kinda sounds like AA doesn't it?  I'm going because I haven't been able to lose weight.  And, being diabetic, weight is not a good thing.  I need to lose about 20 pounds.  'Course exercise would help.  Not that I'm a couch potato 'cause I'm not.  I am somewhat sedentary while doing my arty stuff and right now it's too damn hot to work outside much.  But I could make up every excuse in the world and I still would be somewhat out of shape and a little overweight.  Sooooo.....I'm going to give it a try.  It's difficult cooking for just me.  Pre-prepared foods are so much easier, but so much more not good for you.  And I'm going to try to find time to get in some exercise (mild at first).  I've started using 2 pound weights while waiting for the 'puter to do its thing.  Gonna get the Wii going with some of the sports, too.  I can do that in the evening.  Inside.
It's more fun with another person but....
Y'all have a productive day and.......breathe deeply and count to Zen.


Anonymous said...

Sounds as though you're catching it at the right time. It creeps up when a person isn't watching. I once went from my ideal weight, 185, to 240 before I noticed. Took me a year to bring it back down.

Good luck on yours.

HermitJim said...

I kinda wish you hadn't brought this up! I need to lose some weight as well!

Right you are about not being easy to cook for one! I've been looking at Nutri-systems pretty hard!

Good luck to us both!

Momlady said...

Thanks sofar, I have a lot of reading to do and learning. Good luck on keeping the weight off. If you can lose that much I guess I can lose 20 lbs.
Jim, the problem with Nutrisystem is that you have to buy all the fresh stuff anyway (that's in small, small print at the bottom of the TV screen). With WW you learn how to change your eating habits.