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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Yay!  I can see the giraffes now (just kidding).  The yard is mowed.  Daughter and family came up Friday and J mowed the yard yesterday.  He's coming back up tomorrow since there is so much to be done and he feels the need to take at least two days to get it accomplished.    I have the same wish as my daughter....that is that they could move up here.  It would make things so much easier.  See http://kyddryn.blogspot.com.
I was hoping to get some things done outside today but,alas, rain prevents me from doing anything.  Looks like I'll have to re-direct my efforts to the inside instead.  And, since we didn't open the gallery today, I need to take advantage of the time.  Some cleaning and laundry.....sigh.  So boring.  Maybe some sewing.  Need to embroider some fingertip towels to take to the gallery.
Guess I'd better get a move on and get something done, even if it's wrong.
Y'all have a wunnerful day and .....embrace life.


HermitJim said...

Glad you had a good visit with K and the family! Happy to hear you got most of your grass mowed as well!

I know you would be happy if you could be closer to that grandbaby. Maybe things will work out!

You have a great day, my friend!

Momlady said...

Glad you stopped by, Jim. Stay cool and have a great day yourself.