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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ouch...I have muscles where I didn't know I had muscles.  I gave myself a rest yesterday and maybe shouldn't have.  I was at the gallery all day and, since it was knit night, I skipped the exercise.  My muscles have had a chance to tell me they are NOT happy with me.  I shall persevere, however, and exercise tonight.
So far I'm doing okay with WW.  It sure does wake you up, though, when you keep track of what you eat to understand that not all "healthy" eating is healthy.  I'm going to go to the market tonight to buy lots of good stuff to snack on so I don't get hungry in between meals.  I also need to stock up on veggies and maybe chicken and fish.
Enough about diet.  It's Saturday, the last day of the sale at the gallery.  So far I'm disappointed.  It may be the heat that has kept people from coming out to do anything but go tubing on the river, or it may be the fear mongering the government seems to be so good at.  Either way we are suffering for it.
Y'all have a pleasing day....wishing rain to those who need it the most.
Remember:  Every mother is a working mother.

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HermitJim said...

I know what you mean about finding those seldom used muscles!

From time to time, I do something that uses some I forgot about, and the next morning I can really tell!

Sorry to hear about the gallery being so slow!