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Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's been hotter than usual here for a time now.  Luckily there are spots that get rain, but it's sporadic and you never know where it'll come down.  Lots of people doing the tubing thing on the "Hooch" in Helen.  Don't think I want to eat any fish caught downstream, if you catch my drift.
I watered the few plants in the garden yesterday morning and found an okra!  Looks there will be more.  I think it may like the hot dry weather, although the squash look like they would love some rain.  I'll water again this morning and see if there are any squash started.  I do see blossoms so maybe.....
We started our sale at the gallery and have had some sales.  No record breaking yet, but one can hope.  My philosophy about the sale is better some income than none.  We have 6 days to go and can only hope that notices in the paper will help.
It's Sunday, supposedly the last day of the week and the day of rest.  So why is Sunday the first day of the week on the calendar?
Y'all have a restful day, stay cool and ....... whatever.

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